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The Coffee Paradise


If you’re searching for a place where the history of coffee is as rich and complex as the fabled drink itself,

then take a moment to immerse your senses into that freshly brewed elixir of life
and let the aroma transport you to the likely origin of your favorite roast.


Nestled within the jungles of Indonesia’s archipelago lives a culture and tradition that goes back as far as the 16th century, a tradition that’s deeply interwoven with the history and prosperity of the country.


Kopi Luwak

The pursuit of progress and unwavering taste for perfection has lead the

connoisseurs of the world far and wide searching endlessly for answers

in brewing the best cup of coffee. A quest that comes to rest in the wilderness of Sumatra.

Once again nature still proves to be the ultimate solution.

A coffee bean unlike any other and a taste that

mystifies even the most well equipped critique.






The Indonesian archipelago is home to a coffee culture and tradition sowed across 18,000 lush, volcanic islands. Here, great coffee has become inseparable from the daily lives of the locals. The world’s most popular beverage is sipped with a slowness and pace untroubled by time and responsibilities, the way great coffee should be enjoyed.



Native to Indonesia, the wild civet cat travels freely from coffee tree to coffee tree in search of only the best coffee cherries to eat. Unique enzymes in the civet’s stomach ferment the beans, which are then digested and left behind by the cat. They are then collected to create one of the world’s rarest and most distinctive tastes.



Only the ripest beans are chosen by the civet cat. After they are digested, they are collected from the wild no more than what is naturally produced. The locals use traditional methods to sterilise, dry, and roast the beans, completing the process in only a week. Because these are the world’s rarest beans, every cup is truly an exotic and limited experience.

Earths Rarest

 Every bean is naturally and ethically-sourced, requiring none of the craft of a celebrated barista to delight both connoisseur and critic alike. Whether you brew it in your coffee pot or state-of-the-art espresso machine, you will experience a naturally smooth and wonderful taste without any bitterness. From the first sip to the last, each cup is perfect.